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Commercial Debt Recovery!

We offer a range of commercial debt recovery and debt collection service for your business. Our services are simple yet effective following successful pathways to recovery. Our cost centered approach allows you to retain control throughout the process and debt recovery is effective through our potent measures.

To begin, a legal letter will persuade many debtors to pay as this is a display of intention for recovery:

Letter Before Action (from £10)

Late Payment Demand (from £15)

In the event that a legal letter does not facilitate recovery the following measures are applied to the matter:

Court Claims

Judgment and Enforcement

Please note that you control these next steps and we only take an action if you want us to.

Legal was set up as a service set up to recover business debts for any size company from corporates to sole traders.

We know that outstanding debts can seriously stunt the growth of a business, that's why we are dedicated to finding an agreeable solution for our clients in a professional and ethical manner, offering a wide range of indispensable resources and solutions to those we work with.

Benefits of our debt collection service include:

  • Bespoke debt collection strategies
  • Access to the expertise and knowledge of experienced debt recovery professionals
  • When undertaking legal action, you will benefit from potential discounts from the Claims Production Centre (CPC) and County Court Bulk Centre (CCBC).